Reasons to Choose Country Maid Stoves:

  1. We know these stoves so we can answer your questions
  2. These stoves are airtight and efficient
  3. We will give you the best price possible
  4. We will ship anywhere
  5. We will assist you with assembling or operating your new stove purchased from us
  6. The stoves are built by people who use them

My wife and I are conservative Mennonites. We live in Rosebush, Michigan which is about exactly in the center of the state. Each winter we have lots of cold weather and snow. Good stove country. I can just about feel that awesome wood heat toast me all the way to my bones after a long day outside in cold weather. My, that sure feels good.

Doesn't all this talk about stoves make you want to buy one of your very own? May GOD bless you.

Ezra and Wilma Luthy


Time brings change.

We, Ezra, Wilma and our three sons now live in Pennsylvania and work at Shepherd's Fold for an indefinite time of service. Shepherd's Fold is located in rural Lebanon, PA. Shepherd's fold is a Christian discipleship program under the Pilgrim Mennonite Conference. This program is designed to help any man who is in need of spiritual help by providing a disciplined, controlled and structured atmosphere.

In light of the change in our work responsibility we are bringing Henry and Elizabeth Zehr (my sister) on board to aid in the stove sales. Henry, his wife Elizabeth and their five children live in North Carolina.