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We sell a tried and proven line of wood cookstoves and heating stoves built by the Amish. The company, Suppertime Stoves, was formed in 1979 by my uncles, Mark and Elmo Stoll. They were an intelligent, industrious pair of inventors who designed the first airtight cookstove. The first stove, dubbed the Pioneer Maid, quickly became popular and sold like hot cakes. Over the years more stoves were designed to fit people’s needs. Today, more stoves are being built than ever with two locations of production.

I greatly enjoyed working for Suppertime Stoves from 1994 until January 2006. My move to Michigan from Ontario ended my career at Suppertime, but at least I can still enjoy selling stoves.

My eleven and one-half years at Suppertime Stoves made me very familiar with stoves. I basically know these stoves inside and out as I worked on every part and phase of the stoves from start to finish. I even tinkered with new designs and concepts.

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